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Aviornis International,

Association of Breeders of Ornamental Fowl



AVIORNIS INTERNATIONAL brings together devoted keepers of ornamental birds and waterfowl. The main groups of birds that we are breeding are: waterfowl, pheasants, junglefowl, doves, quails, partridges, ibis and cranes but also many other groups of wild species.

The organisation has been established in 1973 and the Dutch branch in 1978. Today, it is one of the most important organisations in Europe in its field with around 8.000 members in 7 European countries. Actually, approximately 625 bird species are successfully kept by our members!

What can AVIORNIS offer you?
AVIORNIS can bring you, among other things,

  • A splendid full-colour magazine, with a wealth of information for starters and experienced keepers. Reports of first breeding of specific species.
  • The possibility to join local activities like informative lectures and visits to private parks.
  • Support, where necessary, with requests and offers for your birds.
  • Promotion of contacts with other branches and members in Europe.

What are the objectives of AVIORNIS?

  • To support and co-operate with other organisations on scientific programs to preserve bird species that have become nearly extinct.
  • To stimulate (inter)national exchange of young birds in order to keep genetically healthy stocks of each species.
  • To help our members with advice and information on the husbandry and breeding management of the wide diversity of bird species.
  • To contribute, together with other international organisations, to scientific programs, aimed at the re-introduction of bird species that have become (locally) extinct due to natural catastrophes or other reasons.